This is dedicated to those who have done business with me regarding bdsm goods, as they have either done me huge discounts on goods or even given me free goods to advertise in exchange for business RT / twitter / promos / full coverage on websites / reviews / links / banner exchanges and information. As I believe everyone in bdsm /fetish should help each other and what better way than via social media . 

Items will be shown here and on my twitter pages @ladyamber2017 @LeatherAmber

So if you have goods you wish to send me for me to showcase on my twitter pages (I have three pages, two websites, instagram), these can be free gifts or huge discounted offers, please email me at (ladyamber2017@hotmail.com).

www.whatnobodyknows.co.uk   (hand forged bdsm furniture)
(custom collars, cuffs, heavy duty dungeon
furniture and a whole new website 
dedicated to handmade solid steel furniture)

twitter@lodbrock_world (bdsm equipment)
beautifully made stocks / pillory set


(leather tanner) exquisite leather strap