Welcome to the world of LadyAmber

Kents’s most Decadent Disciplinarian & Leather Mistress LadyAmber.
Welcome all naughty boys and girls you have found the perfect Disciplinarian to fit all your CP and discipline needs, no matter how unruly you are .Its all about to change because when you are in her presence you do exactly as you are told and she does not ask twice .
Get the correction you crave and deserve ,give in and submit to LadyAmber.
With lots of sharp wit and an even  sharper tongue that puts  everyone in their place make no mistake this mistress is a Fierce Lady .
The perfect English mistress that chastises and punishes the naughty and the insolent .A no-nonsense mistress,that does not stand for poor excuses or silliness. At a mere petite 5ft tall and size 8 be under no illusion that she can deliver a  punishment fit for all levels of cane ,cp and spanking lovers .