There are many ways I can carry out my sessions and I fully understand
that everyone is different & has different reasons for entering
into such an act of correction and discipline. So these roles and uniforms help to make it clear exactly what you are after and what it is you require.

Please state which scenario it is you are interested when booking.
If you have your own ideas then please email them to me, and I
will give it my consideration & get back to you (no long winded scripts),
a brief summary is fine, along with key words and phrases.

ROLE-PLAYS  – these all come with attire fitting the role:

Leather mistress – leather fetishist .
Mommy – son
Auntie – nephew
Head mistress – pupil
Office boss – employee
Convent nun – boarding school pupil
Judge/jury – criminal
Prison officer – prisoner (with handcuffs/restraints)
Military officer – prisoner or low ranking guard
Kidnapper – hostage to be interrogated/ restrained

Cold caner – slave/subject (There will be no talking for this session
when you arrive. You go where I point to, undress and just take your
punishment and leave) I will not even say hello or goodbye.
There is no need for pleasantries for this booking. It’s cold, very cold.