About Me


updates will be on twitter and on here of my sessions returning back to normal.
Be safe everyone and please practice SOCIAL DISTANCING !

Lady Amber. English mature stunning Disciplinarian/Leather Mistress.
Based in Kent. I have a fully equipped premises that consist of a domestic setting, a very large dungeon room with spanking benches, trestles and a huge array of impact play implements. Everything to suit all tastes and requirements. An alluring, beautiful, strict, mature lady, who has intoxicating eyes and a tiny size 8 figure that’s combined with stunning toned legs made for worshipping.

Wearing classy fitted outfits that show my fabulous curves and physique. Nothing’s more alluring than being disciplined/dominated by a strict, mature lady wielding a cane, intensely looking down at you with an arm raised about to inflict some well deserved pain on you.

I  know there is a very good reason you found my page, and as much as you may try to fool yourself that you  just stumbled across it, I know only too well that you are here because you feel the need to be disciplined, as I know you always do something wrong (and are most likely a repeat offender) in need of occasional or constant correction. You need to be held accountable for your actions and I will provide the necessary correction.

Do you find yourself making excuses not to exercise?
Are you someone who does negative behavior over and over again?
Do you need help to stop smoking because you are too weak to do it?
I can tailor a structured program to make sure you learn a lesson from such behavior so that it will keep you focused and give you the discipline that you richly deserve. I am here to coach you, helping you make the correct decisions and with my guidance/correction therapy, you will.

Judicial Punishments are a cruel favorite of mine and you shall receive a sentence which is commensurate with your infractions.
So be warned, I will be the judge and the jury and will execute the punishment as I see fit and you will have no say in how long it will last, how hard it will be or what implement will be used. So make sure you wish to commit 100% because there is no turning back , no one gets out of court.

Be warned, I am well versed in the art of discipline/caning with precision, delivering mild to severe sessions to Judicial/Cold canings.
From a slightly rosy red bottom to full blown welts and stripes that will last weeks and guaranteed to be felt every time you sit down.
A quick cold caning (no warm-up) is a severe chastisement ranging from six of the best to 100 strokes plus for the more seasoned player

I offer a vast array of role-plays for spankings and canings, as sometimes the need to be spanked is better expressed when carried out in role-play exchange. When acting out the role-play it facilitates a medium which is more comfortable to allow you to accept the discipline you crave.

Always inform me of your previous experience with CP/Discipline. Whether I choose to do six of the best on you or a good old-fashioned hand spanking, slipper, belt, or strap you will be punished as I see fit. Limits are always respected, as they should be with all disciplinarians.

I am more than happy to incorporate humiliation & verbal into sessions,  swearing /non swearing/shouting or a cool calm stern whisper in your ear making you tremble. With key/trigger words incorporated, to really regress you back in time to when you were full of anticipation and trepidation, for a more authentic session.

I am very well accomplished in all types of sessions including role-play.
Please feel free to email me about any role play scenarios you have and I shall give them my full attention and consideration .

I offer sessions with my spankee sub girl Tiffany, where you can watch her get spanked and see as her bottom get redder by the minute as she tries to wriggle out of her punishment but the more she wriggles the more I punish her, and if you wish to go one step further then why not join in and put her over your knee and spank her bottom too. 
(Be sure to check out my tours as I may be near you soon.)