LadyAmber Strict Leather Disciplinarian


Kent’s most Decadent Disciplinarian & Leather/Satin Mistress LadyAmber.
Welcome all naughty boys and girls, you have found the perfect Disciplinarian to fit all your CP and discipline needs.
Your life will change when you are in her presence, you will do exactly as you are told and she does not ask twice and will take no prisoners.
A lady with such beauty and grace making receiving a good thrashing feel like an art form. Your eyes will follow her around the room and capture her exquisite demeanor that is wrapped in luscious Leather or crisp white shirt or satin blouses and figure-hugging pencil skirts that are all beautifully brought together with stockings and stilettos.
Get the correction you crave and know what it feels like to submit to LadyAmber, a first class expert Disciplinarian & Mistress who offers a few other chosen subjects in which she is expert, and a Master of all for which she has a passion.
With lots of sharp wit and a sharp tongue that puts everyone in their place, make no mistake this mistress will always be one step ahead. The perfect English mistress who chastises and punishes the naughty and the insolent. A no-nonsense & non-sexual mistress, who does not stand for poor excuses or silliness. Where the utmost respect is required of anyone who is allowed to serve her. At a petite 5ft tall and size 8, be under no illusion that she can deliver a punishment fit for all levels of Caning. CP and Spanking combined with fantastic role-play skills and a very strict manner. Check my pages for new female subs who are working with me and check out my touring and visiting page to see who will be staying with me this year.





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